Great Gag Gifts

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Hugely popular “We The North” spoof T Shirt

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$25 (L)

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$25 (XL)

smoke machine

Mini Smoke From Pocket Gag! (Click for Trailer)


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Perfect for businessmen, team leaders, any one who speaks in front of audiences. Guaranteed to get laughs during a speech!



Accupuncture Illusion.

From “The Flesh Wound” Shitdisturber (Click Picture)


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Or purchase the Instant Tutorial Video Download and make it yourself now!




Seat Belt T Shirt  (Click for Video)


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These are the specially made T shirt Dave sells at his shows. It is a white T shirt (Sizes M, L and XL) with a seatbelt printed on it that runs from the left shoulder to the right hip. If a policeman were to see you in the driver’s seat of your car, it looks just like you’re wearing a seatbelt, just in case you’ve forgotten it! ***But please get a life….This is not to be used as a substitute for seatbelts…. Wear it often and never worry about seatbelt tickets again! A great gag and huge seller! Wear it yourself or the perfect gift.


Jackass Caps ©  (Click Jackass for Video)

4 pack for 9.95

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Don’t you hate when that Cadillac Escalade takes up two parking spots in a busy parking lot or someone blocks your exit as he runs into the bank for 10 minutes…. That guy’s a Jackass. Always wanted to let the air out of their tires but were too nervous of getting caught? If you were to go down on a knee and spend five minutes deflating the guys tire you would easily be seen…until now. JackAss Caps © They are ingeniously designed nozzle caps that you screw onto tires that deflate them while you are nowhere near. If you can unscrew a nozzle cap and screw one of these on you are qualified to own Jackass Caps ©


Chairman on baord 001

“Chairman on Board” Car Window Sign  (Professionally Designed Instant PDF Download)


Great inexpensive gag present for co-workers, friends, stags, birthdays etc.

A fun twist on the “Baby on Board” sign. You don’t have to be a Chairman on the Board to buy one but these “Chairman on Board” signs are for anyone looking to make people in the car behind you smile. This is an instant download from a professionally designed (and sized)  PDF and can be easily displayed in the back window of cars.


Gas Can

Gas Can (Click Can for Video)


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This gag present is sure to raise laughter at any gathering. As a serious gift it is unique and novel but as a gag it will gain more attention than any other gift given in the room. Watch the video!


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