The “Shitdisturber” Comedy Series has arrived!

This is the site of the web based comedy series “The Shitdisturber.” The series, after it’s fall debut garnered enough interest to be renewed by TAGLINE Films starting in January 2014! New episodes will be added every other Sunday night, so every other Monday morning, grab a coffee, click on the latest episode and start your week off with a laugh.

Also e-mail the Shitdisturber at  [email protected]  and write in with any ideas on who or what bugs you in life. Starting Dec. 1 2013 , on the first of each month the best submission will be announced, you will win the $100.00 monthly prize and your idea will be made into a shitdisturber video!

August’s $100.00 winner was Bill Turney from Enid OK for sending in the idea that lead to the filming of “I Don’t Work Here”

July’s winner of $100 was Marc Fabreau from Vaudreuil Quebec for sending in an idea that lead to the filming of the “BBQ Cleaner”

June’s $100.00 winner was Siobahn Walsh from Minot ND for e-mailing an idea that lead to the shooting of “Naughty Directions”

May’s $100.00 winner was Rohan Beupart from Oakbrook IL. for sending in an idea that lead to “Helpful Tips”

April’s $100.00 winner was Peter Alise from Brockville Ontario for sending in an idea that lead to the filming of “The Funeral Home”.

March’s $100.00 winner was Ruth Callan of St. Pete Beach Florida for sending in the idea for “The Brazilian” Shitdisturber Video.

February’s $100.00 winner was Anthony Hutchison of Madison Wisconsin for submitting one idea for the Shitdisturber “Save A Few Bucks” video.

January’s $100.00 winner was B. Hallingdal of Kelona B.C. for submitting ideas for the Shitdisturber “Canadian Winter Fun” video.

December’s $100.00 winner was J. Chadwick of Toronto who sent the idea for this weeks video “Fun with WiFi”

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The “Shitdisturber” web based fictional comedy series produced in association with Tagline Films.

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